About me


I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. We are trained to integrate psychological theory and research with therapeutic practice, in order to work with the unique subjective experience of each client.

My philosophy

I believe that we all have the inner resilience and strength to work through challenges. However, there are times in our life when we may not feel that we have the ability to draw on these inner resources and the support of family and friends might feel inadequate. I endeavor to find ways for you to tap into these inner resources,  to allow you to achieve your goals.

My training

I have completed my Psychology training from City University in London, with a doctoral level training in Counselling Psychology. My earlier education has been a Bachelors degree with honors in Psychology from Delhi University in India.

My experience

I have over 15 years’ experience working with adults, families, children, and adolescents in a range of public, private and voluntary settings such as the NHS, education, charities, and Social Services in U.K. and abroad. In addition I also work in a busy NHS team, treating clients, experiencing a range of anxiety disorders and depression.

My areas of work

I work with a range emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety, depression,  post-natal depression, OCD, perfectionism, relationship difficulties, workplace problems and stress, anger, shame, guilt, low self-esteem,  low self-confidence, and social anxieties.

I have a special interest in role of transitions in life, e.g. pregnancy, becoming a new parent, loss of a loved one, sudden job loss, etc. I also focus on long term health conditions (such as chronic fatigue syndrome, physical health problems), and workplace stress.


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